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clot_33's Journal

28 October 1989
I'm a reader. That's pretty much it. I love reading practically anything written in a comprehensible language - and sometimes not even that; I'm a University student who spends faaaar too much time reading fanfiction of the slashy (somewhat explicit) kind. I'm a huge HP fan (Harry has been there when he was needed more than actual real people who should have, so no judging, please!) and I generally prefer a pinch of magic in my readings (ever heard of Terry Pratchett?).
Still, Johnatan Coe is absolutely AWESOME and I actually MET Moris Farhi and my life is - almost - complete (and if you don't know who these people are, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET INFORMED!!!! TOTALLY!!!! Like RIGHT NOW!!!!)!

I'm above the age of consent in any country on this planet. :D

i'm in ravenclaw!

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